Shit Omnivores Say
Oh god, another whiney sanctimonious vegan. Here’s a clue you pompous ass, plants and fungi are sentient beings too, yet you condemn others for eating meat because you feel entitled to determine that a plant is ok to eat and an animal is not?
Oh God, another whiney, sanctimonious plants rights activist.
Adoption: it’s not just for dogs anymore

Pet store patron:  Oh, so you just want everyone to adopt dogs, and stop breeding them?

Protester:  Yes.  Exactly.

Pet store patron:  So what’s next?  You think people should stop having kids and adopt them, too?

Protester:  Yeah, that would be great!

Pet store patron:  YOU’RE CRAZY.

I hear your choice. It’s an interesting fact that a cow has a lone calf normally and twins rarely and she has 4 teats. Thus, she has more than the calf can drink which is why she has been the ‘nurse maid’ of the world for thousands of years.
I guess this person hasn’t counted their own teats lately.  Thanks SOS reader Trista for the submission!
Oh, God - what did I do to deserve this?
A big dumb whiney meat-mouth gentleman I gave pamphlet to during a Vegan Outreach event, expressing his discomfort at being exposed to the gruesome pictures of factory farming.  What did I do to deserve this?.. I’m sure those are the animal’s thoughts, exactly.


It’s funny how patrons of establishments that are being protested always accuse activists of not doing enough for their community.  It’s especially funny at Wardlow Station, where these accusations are made by people who are drunk off their asses. 

Also, check out this woman who, in an apparent act of counter-protest, humped a live lobster in front of the bar, while gyrating and lifting up her shirt.  (Warning:  NSFW, do not watch while eating, or immediately before bed.  Do not watch if you have a heart condition, are pregnant, or intend to become pregnant.)

Lobster Zone protesters donate their time to protect tiny, innocent animals that would otherwise easily be ignored.  These bar patrons spend equal amounts of time boozing, chain smoking, criticizing activists, and uh, apparently, molesting crustaceans.  I think it’s pretty clear which group is working to better their community.. while the other behaves like a bunch of butt-faced miscreants.

The whole point of picketing is to harass researchers and put a pressure on their families. It is as unethical a tactic as they get.

'To protect and unnerve:' animal rights activists acuse UCLA of intimidation tactics | By Dan Bluemel, l.a. activist

Protesting is as unethical as it gets, hmm?  This is a great article by Dan Bluemel, but so far all of the comments seem to be from pro-vivisection a-holes who were apparently absent the day the First Amendment was discussed in grammar school.  Take a minute to check out the article, and leave your own comment.

Protester:  If you can’t relate to animal rights, but you’re concerned about humans.. you should know that violence against humans is more common in people with a history of violence against animals.

Drunk Guy:  Actually that’s not true.  You need to do your research!

P:  Actually, I have.  I do this kind of research for a living.

DG:  Oh yeah?  So do I!

P:  Really.  Who do you do research for?

DG:  (proudly) I work for the NRA!

@ Lobster Zone protest, Wardlow Station (Long Beach, CA).  He didn’t seem to understand why we all started laughing..

We’ve heard it all before.

We’ve heard it all before.

Puppy Mill Protester:  Sir, can I give you some information?

Asshole:  No, I’m okay.  I’m just here to buy a puppy to grind up and make into tacos.  Get lost, kid.

@ Pet City puppy mill protest.  Later that day, activists were given a signed pledge from the manager, stating that the chain would stop selling puppies within 90 days!  Read the press release here.

PETA is a joke, and they do more harm than good by attaching their name to an issue.
"When you resort to attacking the messenger and not the message, you have lost the debate." - Addison Whithecomb